Hanstad Wealth Management is an independent financial firm dedicated to helping professionals, business owners, executives, pre- and post-retirees and families gain financial independence through holistic investment strategies tailored to our clients’ goals.

Our company is committed to acting in your best interest. Our firm offers fee based advisory accounts and for advisory accounts, we receive compensation relative to the growth of your investments—if your assets grow, we earn more, but if they decrease, we earn less. We don’t hide our fees. We disclose your costs before setting up your accounts, and, once your accounts are established, we provide 24-hour access to your information so that you can easily see how your investments are doing.

Located in bucolic Holliston, Massachusetts, our firm is part of a close-knit, family-oriented community twenty-five miles outside of Boston. We value the close connections we have formed in our community, and we appreciate the rich historical background of our area with its long-standing emphasis on education. Thus, we focus on being the trusted counselor and advisor for our clients. We strive to maintain a reputation for excellence and encourage our clients to refer our services to their families, friends and colleagues, establishing valued relationships that reach across generations.