Our financial planning approach follows a three-step process.

1. Discovery. When we first meet, we want to get to know you, and we identify where you’re
starting. Whether you’ve already established a portfolio with another firm and want to take a
new direction or you’re just beginning your financial planning, we carefully assess your personal
and financial goals. We take into account your entire situation—your family, assets, work,
hobbies and passions—and we identify your risk tolerance and investment experience. This
phase helps us identify a suitable path for you.

2. Recommendations: Once we’ve identified your goals, risk tolerance, timeline and investment
preferences, we begin to formulate recommendations that fit your unique circumstances.
Integrating specific asset allocation and long-term savings goals into your overall plan, we
establish strategies for managing and monitoring your financial future.

3. Implementation: Charting a path that is clear and attainable for clients is key in comprehensive
financial planning. We create a plan that matches your retirement goals and manage the asset
allocation, investments and savings guidelines on an ongoing basis. This roadmap can help you
prepare for retirement with the knowledge that you have the necessary tools to work towards a comfortable
future. We’ll stay with you each step of the way, making adjustments when necessary, to ensure
that you stay on track to pursue your financial goals.