At Hanstad Wealth Management, we share long-standing values of integrity, honesty and financial confidence for a lifetime.


As your experienced financial advisors, we play an important role in your lives. Our efforts can impact your lives by giving you a roadmap for your financial goals. We honor the trust you put in us to guide your financial path. That’s why we offer financial advice with your best interest at heart. Your opportunities for financial growth guide our decisions.


Talking about money can be unfamiliar for many people, but in our business, we talk about money every day. We encourage and support open, honest communication about financial realities. We strive to help build your investments. With a focus on financial literacy for everyone, we take time to break down complex financial issues into easily understood pieces. We make recommendations based solely on what we truly believe can benefit your financial future.

Financial Confidence for a Lifetime:

The strategies we design are meant to benefit you throughout your entire lifetime, and our decisions support that goal. Whether your retirement lasts twenty, thirty or even forty years, we put plans in place that can support a secure future. Our advice is grounded in years of study and experience, always with the long view in mind, as we continually try to improve. We monitor and manage your investments throughout all of your financial journey.